Conservation and Environment Commission Special Virtual Meeting of October 3, 2022

Conservation and Environment Commission Special Virtual Meeting of October 3, 2022

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Meeting number (access code): 2559 631 3494
Meeting password: tMHjmXP235B (86456972 from phones and video systems)

1. Call to Order and Attendance
a. Briefly introduce Roszena Haskins, Town Executive Director of Equity ...
2. Public Comment Opportunity
3. Old Business
a. Approval of minutes from September.
b. Approval of amended minutes from June and July (amended to acknowledge C. Feely
public comments).
c. Guest: Catherine Diviney. Discussion of opportunities for coordination and/or
combination with other town commissions. Update on discussions held by our sister
Commissions. Discussion of options for organization of efforts by CEC and/or superCommission, using Bloomington, MN and past CEC activities as examples.
o See resources for further reading below for ideas that can be drawn from other
towns or organizations.
o Vote on desired course for CEC (i.e., combine with one or more groups or stay
d. Discussion of C. Feely proposals regarding municipal land management.
4. New Business
 Joint Letter to support ARPA “sustainability projects” (draft letter to follow after Clean
Energy Commission meeting)
 Introduction of topical areas for further study/discussion:
o Waste, especially food waste.
o Composting.
o Water resources.
o Others?
5. Adjournment
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