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5 X 5 Dance Festival: Ekklesia Contemporary Ballet #usj #dance #ctdancers

All tickets must be purchased online prior to the event.

The 5X5 Dance Festival brings together choreographers, performers, educators, and students to study and perform.

The 5X5 Dance Festival was named ...
for its focus on five professional and five collegiate ensembles. Created in 2003 as a response to a need expressed by greater Hartford dancers for opportunities to perform more sustained works — as opposed to the brief marathon performances typical of dance festivals — the 5X5 Dance Festival provides performance opportunities for works from company repertoires, works in progress, or works prepared exclusively for this showcase.

In its 22nd year, the Festival continues to celebrate the many forms and types of dance, cultural and ethnic diversity in dance, dance that pushes traditional definitions and approaches, and dance that is inclusive in opportunities for artists and audiences.
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