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Senior Citizens Advisory Commission Virtual Meeting of March 15, 2022

WebEx meeting number: 2555 125 2057

WebEx link:

WebEx password: F33hPyrpWs5

Join by phone: +1-650-479-3208

Password for joining by phone: 33347977

1. Call to Order
Chair: Rebecca A. Hajosy (Noreen Bachteler-Deputy Chair)
Recording: Secretary: Ann Visiglio
2. ...
Review and approve minutes of January 18, 2022 Commission
and review of notes from February 15, 2022
3. Chairs’ Report Hajosy/Bachteler
a.) Status of Commission Vacancies
4. Presentation: Housing Options for Seniors Dumais
Guest, Todd Dumais, WH Town Planner on the
New Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Ordinance
5. WH Social Services Report Paquette
6. Seniors Job Bank Diamond
7. Transportation for Seniors Farmer
Meeting Password: 33347977
8. Senior Centers Sears
9. New Business
a.) Discussion & Selection on Designee & Alternate
for New Elmwood Community Center Advisory Committee Commission, Others

10. Public Comment Public
11. Agenda for Future Meetings Commission
12. Next meeting-In Person at Bishops Corner Senior Center April 19, 2022
13. Adjournment
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