Conservation & Environment Commission (7:00 PM) & Clean Energy Commission (7:15 PM) Virtual Meeting of October 26, 2022

Conservation & Environment Commission and Clean Energy Commission Virtual Meeting of Oct 26, 2022

The meeting will be conducted exclusively as virtual meeting. Commission members and
members of the public who wish to speak ...
during the public comment portion of the meeting
may use the following entry information:
Join from the meeting link
Join by phone
Meeting number (access code): 2631 063 7379
Meeting password: 7RDwNViPN77
1. Call to Order and Attendance
2. Public Comment Opportunity
3. Old Business
a. Approval of minutes from October
4. Adjournment - Members of the Conservation & Environment Commission are invited to join
the Clean Energy Commission meeting, following.

Virtual Meeting
October 26, 2022 at 7:00 PM
This meeting of the Clean Energy Commission will be conducted as a virtual meeting. Members
of the public may view the meeting on West Hartford Community Interactive YouTube at Members of the public may also provide comments on agenda items
by calling at the scheduled date and time using the following access information:
Join from the meeting link
Join by phone
+1-408-418-9388, Meeting number: 2631 063 7379, Meeting password: 7RDwNViPN77
1. Meeting Opening – Call to order
a. Roll call & approval of minutes – August & September
b. Administrative – 2023 meeting schedule; vacancies – 1 (R)
c. Welcomes & intros – student reps and town equity staff (tentative)
2. Old Business
a. HeatSmart West Hartford
b. Insulation Workshop recap (10/20 recap)
c. New Elmwood Community Center
d. Federal Legislation/Funds: (i) ARPA Sustainability Projects - $140,000; (ii)
Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) - $137,000 EECBG; (iii) Inflation
Reduction Act
3. New Business
a. Korean visit (11/9)
b. Update on Sustainability Commission (Clean Energy, Cons & Env’t, Ped & Bike)
c. Update to Energy Plan (or Sustainability? Climate Action? Plan)
4. Staff Report – Sustainable CT awards (11/14), EV Charging, SolSmart, RECs, other.
5. Public Comment
6. Adjournment
Anyone requiring auxiliary aid or service for effective communication or
modification of policies or procedures to participate in a meeting, service, program
or activity of the Town of West Harford, should contact Suzanne Oslander, ADA
Coordinator, at or (860) 561-7580, as soon as
possible, preferably seven days beforehand.
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