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Board of Assessors Virtual Meeting of June 9, 2022

1. Selection of a Board of Assessors Chair
2. Hebrew Home and Hospital _ (Personal Property)
1 Abrahms Boulevard
West Hartford, CT
3. CT Association of Public School Superintendents Inc. (Personal & Real Property)
26 Caya Avenue
West Hartford, CT
4. RMS Development Inc. (Real Property) _ Group Homes
a. 104 Oakwood Avenue Unit A3
b. 104 Oakwood Avenue Unit T4
c. 104 Oakwood Avenue Unit B7
d. 1074 North Main Street
e. 18 Thorne Road
5. CIL Realty Incorporated (Real Property) _ Group Home
a. 4 Sherwood Road
6. Harc, Inc. (Real Property) _ Group Homes
a. 1689 Asylum Avenue
b. 37-39 Ardmore Road
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