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Pension Board Special Virtual Meeting of June 13, 2022

Roll Call/Attendance
Guests: Mayor Shari Cantor; Rick Ledwith, Acting Town Manager; Catherine Lombardi, Acting Director of Human
Resources, Lori Kearney, Clerk of the Pension Board, Mary Fay, Town Council; Becky Sielman and ...
Pelletier, Milliman
II. Chair’s Opening Comments
A. Review of rules of decorum and procedure for virtual meetings
III. Lori Kearney, Human Resources Specialist
A. Meeting schedule for 2022
IV. Peter Privitera/Catherine Lombardi/Milliman
B. Further discussion of MARC pension administration system
“Motion to approve implementation of MARC pension administration system”
V. Adjournment
A. “Motion to adjourn.”
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