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West Hartford Library Board Virtual Meeting of September 18, 2023

Call to Order
2. Public Comment
3. Approval of the Consent Agenda (Items 4, & 8ai, 8aii)
4. Approval of the Minutes of the June 26, 2023 Meeting.
5. Chair’s Report
a. ACLB Intellectual Freedom ...
6. Old Business
a. Strategic Planning Process – Laura Irmscher
b. Staff Updates – Laura Irmscher
c. New Library & Community Center Update – Laura Irmscher
7. New Business
a. Staff Day: October 19, 2023 (Library closed 10am – 2pm)
8. Director’s Reports – Laura Irmscher
a. July and August documents submitted:
i. Library Administrative report
ii. Budget report
iii. Quarterly statistics
b. Library Updates
9. Adjournment
a. Next Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 23, 2023.
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