Commission on the Arts Virtual Meeting of November 21, 2022

Commission on the Arts Virtual Meeting of November 21, 2022

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Meeting number (access code): 2559 865 7190
Meeting password: aaJGxxnM323 (22549966 from phones and video systems)

I. Meeting Opening
 Call to Order
Roll Call
 Approval of July Meeting Minutes
II. Old Business
 Redevelopment of St. Brigid School/Community Center
 Private Property Murals
 Signage - Decorative Cylindrical Advertising (Webster Columns) & Town
Promotional Signage/Unity Green Banners
 Artist Outreach Media Plan
 Engagement & assistance for local artists and arts & culture organizations.
III. Action
 West Hartford Town Hall Public Display Committee Public Art Criteria & Display
Policy – Application process for town hall display will be reviewed and discussed
IV. New Business – Commission members may introduce items for exploration and
discussion at the next Commission Meeting.
 Elmwood Amtrak Bridge Mural
V. Public Comment
VI. Adjournment
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